How to make the G-spot more sensitive?

The G-spot in women is located about three cm from the vagina, it is a very sensitive area. The existence of this area was considered a delusion, but thanks to medicine, all the assumptions have been solved. Discover here all the necessary information about the G-spot and how to make it more sensitive.

How to find your G-spot?

The woman can discover her G-spot herself or be helped by her partner. The position to adopt in both cases remains the same. It is the point of contact between the inner part of the clitoris and the wall of the vagina. To do this, the woman lies on her back and her partner gently pushes a finger three cm into the vagina. The beginning could be difficult and not give any results, but if they persevere, the objective will be reached. It is this part of the body that allows lubrication and it is also thanks to this G-spot that the woman manages to get wet. The G-spot of the woman, when it is discovered and made sensitive, it causes the orgasm in the woman.

Steps to make the G-spot sensitive

The andromache, the missionary, the doggy style, the meeting table are positions to adopt in order to make the G-spot sensitive. Apart from these positions, sex toys are also used as stimuli. There are several forms, several sizes and several materials: carrot, penis, rabbit. The sextoy is made in such a way that one part must be inserted in the erogenous zone and the second part in the ears. The result is not necessarily immediate, it takes a lot of practice to awaken this sensation. Starting with foreplay is an excellent way to succeed. First, you need to relax, be comfortable in your skin, use a lubricant for sex toys to facilitate penetration. The woman's G-spot can be stimulated with the finger, penis or vibrator. Once the G-spot is made sensitive, its size increases and the desire is intense. When the orgasm begins, it swells and becomes large enough, the woman experiences a moment of ecstasy.

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